When I was growing up I was absolutely sure that I would be dancing on a stage by the time I was an adult. I did in fact study dance and spent plenty of time on a stage in my childhood but it definitely did not become a career!
Skipping my lovely primary teaching years, I now teach gift wrapping. I know, I know! Everyone knows how to wrap a gift.......but not the way I do!

So I forge ahead trying to inspire the world with beautiful gift wrapping and embellishments. I'm as likely to make a twig look good as I am to gold leaf silk ribbon and use it to decorate a gift.

I love it when someone says that my gifts look too good to open. I try and be humble and gracious but honestly, my heart is singing inside! I love to compare the look on people's faces when they arrive at a workshop and the difference when they leave. They come feeling they're hopeless when, in fact, no one is really hopeless (oh okay, I do have a friend who is!!) but most people just need ideas and inspiration. They leave feeling proud of themselves.
I can't believe I can spend my days dreaming up new ideas and the sharing them at my workshops.

Creativity is just a way of life for me. Even on holiday, I take creative projects to do. It occurs to me these days that creating with interest, patience and love, with your hands, is a very healthy and mindful escape from the pressures of life. I can't fix people's problems but I can help them escape for a while.

Craft is a return to basics and gift wrapping that keeps on giving. A gift should be chosen with care but needn't cost much but can be wrapped to look gorgeous.
I refer to myself as the light entertainment when I'm booked as a speaker and it's good not to take yourself too seriously.

Life is for Living!

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