Le Chic Cocoon

I first met Jen when we were in a online mastermind group together. Myself and another Mum were discussing the ways we were attempting to hide to record our videos of reflection away from the kids and the chaos of the household. My fellow Mum in hiding had even shared a photo of the under stairs cupboard in which she had created a filming studio propped up somewhere between the clothes horse and the hoover - it was typically brilliant and yet we were both desperate for that space, a place to indulge creativity and have five minutes peace.

Then along comes Jen, who quietly said " I have a book about creating space for yourself, I can share it with you..." Obviously we both jumped right in and said "YES PLEASE!!" - a moment later it arrived.

It wasn't until I started reading it that I realised what a jewel I held in my hands (because to be totally honest there was a voice in the back of my head thinking oh I hope it is good because otherwise it may be embarrassing), this book that had been modestly shared by Jen, was delicious, inviting and so beautifully written with so much heart and devotion - it was one of those books you do not want to put down, ever.

Jen Duchene,  Queen of Joy, Royal Diviner & Healer, Speaker, Author, Astro-Numerologist & Akashic Records Consultant & Teacher, helps people express themselves freely to become Queen of their own Lives, every single day.  

Her clients are guided and supported to uncover their most powerful abilities and vision – break through blocks, release “emotional weight,” and manifest what they desire in their business and personal lives. Jen serves as a clear, unbiased channel that fast-tracks healing and creates a Success Path for glorious, prosperous and Joyful living!

Sam Geddes

Sam Geddes is a writer, storyteller and teacher you will find her wandering the wilderness in Wiltshire, UK, often with her four children in tow and seeking out the magic in everyday. Founding Editor of Catching Life Magazine, she has a passion for mindful misfits finding their way in the world and creating a world that works with Mother Nature and not against her.

Sam shares her own journey through healing and all the messy and glorious wisdom that comes from it over at