Hello beautiful magic seeker and a big warm welcome to the very first taste (+ sleepy edition) of Catching Life Magazine! 

As the jingle bells begin to fade and you roll out from under the Christmas tree with a hazy glare you can often be bamboozled into the crazy panic of January resolutions, goal setting and planning that our structure stricken forefathers have come to think of as New Year Tradition.  

Last year I had this absolute revelation. My body was whispering to me as I was almost falling into this panic pit and it was telling me something extremely important.  

“In winter it is your time to rest.”

In winter it's your time to rest...

And thus, the theme for our Winter Edition is 'Let's Sleep In...'.

When we chose the theme for the Winter Edition it was a very conscious decision - because when it matters we will most certainly be going against the grain in all aspects of the wisdom, stories and articles shared each and every month.

Say NO to rushed goal setting and YES to feeling your way, indulging your senses and staying cosy this winter.

Create a space for yourself to have some sleepy peace and quiet, find inspiration with Jen Duchene, author of 'Le Chic Cocoon' and Queen of Joy.

Stay connected, stay in bed and stay intimate with your loved one with the Recreational Intimacy Guide for winter from intimacy expert Abigail Eaton- Master, published January 6th.

Pop on your headphones, put the kettle on and settle down to listen to the first 'Messy + Glorious Conversations' podcast with Guest host, Kate Wolf, Wild Woman Success and (Me) Catching Life Founder, Sam Geddes.

This issue is a taste, new articles and stories will be added throughout January and February - our official launch date is 11th March 2017 at 11am.

Remember to take it slow into 2017, grab a cuppa and delve into the pages whilst snuggled up in bed or in front of a roaring fire.


Sam x

Sam Geddes, Founding Editor

Sam Geddes

Sam Geddes is a writer, storyteller and teacher you will find her wandering the wilderness in Wiltshire, often with her four children in tow and seeking out the magic in everyday. Founding Editor of Catching Life Magazine, she has a passion for mindful misfits finding their way in the world and creating a world that works with Mother Nature and not against her.

Sam shares her own journey through healing and all the messy and glorious wisdom that comes from it over at

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